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Learn more about new technology and the intricacies of ensuring precise building measurement

Our commercial real estate network is often evolving through forward-thinking ideas and creative leasing solutions. With recent developments in concepts like workplace strategy and human centric design, our team is taking time to consider an often-overlooked aspect in the evolving use of real estate. The accurate measurement of buildings, while sometimes seen as just a number, often influences leasing decisions and can come with its own set of complex liabilities. With differing priorities among landlords and tenants, how can we ensure accuracy when determining square footage of space?

The most pressing consideration when it comes to building measurement practices is undoubtedly legal liability. This issue has prompted new dialog on square footage accuracy and continues to shape our strategy of empowering clients with accurate square footage calculations of each of their assets. As we shift from the “old school” methods of measurement that are often susceptible to human error, our team is utilizing new technology to ensure the most accurate assessment for our clients.

Today, the best way to ensure accurate measurement of a project is to conduct a 3D scan of a space. Laser scanning creates millions of measurement points that are combined into a single point cloud.  This technology allows for every square inch to be accurately captured and recorded in AutoCAD drawings and Revit models.

Another important aspect to capturing existing building conditions is knowing where to take measure lines, per BOMA standards.  In a recent client example, our team was tasked with reviewing square footage on file for a 3-story office building. Upon review, it was discovered that the calculation was taken to the inside face of the building’s exterior wall, throughout.  For office buildings, the rule is to follow the vertically dominant line. In most cases, this means your measure line goes to and from the window glazing and inside the finished surface of the exterior wall. With intervention from our team, a re-calculation of the building based on the correct interpretation of BOMA office standards gained the client additional square footage merely by placing the measure line in the proper location.

Innovations like laser scanning go beyond tools for project initiation; it plays a pivotal role in the project’s lifecycle, design, construction and operations. By providing accurate drawings utilizing this technology, architects, builders and property managers are able to make informed decisions that result in seamless renovations.

While space calculations may not always seem glamorous, our building measurement team is passionate about providing accurate square footage assessments and ensuring peace of mind for our clients when it comes to liability.

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