Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy

Today, organizations are challenged to adapt to ever-changing business demands. Our workplace strategy solutions deliver a competitive advantage to Ware Malcomb clients by providing data-driven insights to help transform employee experience, enhance company culture, support business objectives and maximize performance.

Our workplace strategy and design teams partner in the research process to seamlessly integrate strategy concepts into the planning and design phases of a project, delivering a high-performance environment invested in people and productivity.

Change Management

Change management and communications prepares employees for shifts in company structure, culture, technology and the overall workplace. Our integrated Change Management program mobilizes commitment, concentrates resources and provides meaning for embracing change.

Ware Malcomb offers change communications and programs to connect and inform via various mediums, ensuring the widest employee reach. These efficiency-focused tools run in tandem to the appropriate design, documentation, construction and move-in phases of the project.


Project Goals Session Planning
Customizable Survey Tools
Focus Groups and Structured Interviews
Observational Research
Activity Analysis
Utilization Studies
Evaluating Trend Research
Change Management Playbook
Customizing Communications Collateral
Peer Change Mentoring Programming
Project Success Measuring Tools