Erica Godun


Director, Sustainability

As Ware Malcomb’s Director, Sustainability, Erica is responsible for developing and supporting the firm’s sustainability-focused service offerings and being a resource for clients and team members on the application of project-appropriate green initiatives.

Erica has been in the industry since 1993 and brings a diverse background in architecture and interior design. Her experience includes work on a wide range of projects including industrial, corporate office, education, lab and government occupancies. Erica’s understanding of project requirements from initial concept through documentation, coordination and construction allows her to positively impact the sustainability characteristics of any project.

Erica is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of wellness and sustainable design in the built environment. As part of the mindfulMATERIALS (mM) Collaborative, she has worked on the development of the mM Library and is involved in the A&D Engagement Group. Erica also engages in materials research focused on reduced embodied carbon and improving product transparency related to human health concerns.