Ted Heisler


Vice President, Interior Architecture & Design

Ted is a member of Ware Malcomb’s Executive Team and leads the firm’s Interiors Advisory Group. With a career spanning back to 1980, Ted has been an integral part of the interior architecture and design industry for decades. Since joining Ware Malcomb in 1994, his contributions have been significant.

In his role as Vice President, Interior Architecture & Design, Ted spearheads national business development and leads the firm’s corporate accounts program. His wealth of experience encompasses every facet of interior architecture and design, and his proficiency extends to workplace strategy, where he has demonstrated a deep understanding of modern work trends.

Under Ted’s expert guidance, the firm’s Interiors Practice consistently delivers inventive and tailored spaces that exceed client expectations. His commitment to service excellence is evident in every project the team undertakes.

Beyond his leadership within Ware Malcomb, Ted’s insights have garnered attention in multiple esteemed publications, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in office trends and workplace design. His engagement with influential industry bodies such as CoreNet Global and NAIOP underscores his dedication to pushing the field’s boundaries. Ted’s influential voice has resonated on conference panels, both nationally and internationally, further establishing his reputation as an industry authority. His involvement in esteemed committees, such as his role as Orange County City Center Co-Director for the IIDA Southern California Chapter and on the Susan G. Komen Executive Leadership Committee, showcases his commitment to making a lasting impact beyond the design realm.

Ted’s extensive tenure, strategic leadership, and significant contributions have not only elevated Ware Malcomb but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of interior architecture and design.