Leesburg Pike Multifamily Conversion

Revitalizing a vacant hotel, our architectural design team transformed the structure into a vibrant housing community, creatively addressing challenges for enhanced living spaces and a fresh, inviting identity.

Architectural design services for an adaptive reuse multifamily project, transforming a vacant hotel property into a 550-unit housing community. A major challenge of the project was repairing an aging curtainwall system cladding the existing tower. Instead of repairing the dated fenestration, our team identified an opportunity to replace the curtainwall with a new, more efficient window wall at nearly the same cost as repairing the existing curtainwall. With the design of a new façade, we were able to relocate existing plumbing to create more glass area and increase external views for several of the units in the tower. This also allowed for more efficiently designed units while giving future tenants added flexibility within the space. The updated fenestration also provides the building a completely new identity that will help to make this community feel fresh and inviting for future tenants and their guests.



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