Mark IV Macarthur Office

The LEED Platinum Class A corporate headquarters blends sustainability with contemporary design.

Executive Architect for two story Class A office building with underground parking area.  The project included 20,613 SF of office and 9,142 SF of parking garage with Type V-B construction. The building was designed with a steel frame, metal deck with concrete floors with Euro-Contemporary design with exposed steel columns, cream colored Travertine exterior walls, clear Vistacool Atlantica glazing in Champaign colored anodized aluminum curtain wall. The entry lobby is two story structural glass with suspended mezzanine and walnut trimmed floating stair. The project included many LEED design elements such as operable windows, mecho shades, permeable site paving, water reducing landscape, solar panels, and highly energy efficient envelope. The mecho shades are designed to function as part of the mechanical system and operated by a building management computer system. The project is LEED Platinum certified.



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